Darani was born in Australia in 1936. She became a trainee to the jeweller and silversmith, Helge Larsen at Sølvform,

Copenhagen in 1959. Following Helge's migration to Australia in 1961, Darani and Helge formed a partnership and held their first joint exhibition.

In addition to Darani's shared national and international practice with Helge, she has played an active public role in the arts. She was appointed Chair of the Crafts Board, Australia Council in 1976 and became a member of the NSW Women and Arts Festival Committee in 1981 generating a number of community based activities with her colleagues.

In 1982 she was appointed a member of the General Division of the order of the Australia.

In recognition of Darani and Helge's contribution as pioneers of contemporary jewellery, the National Gallery of victoria organised a Retrospective of their work which toured Australia and Europe in 1986 - 88.

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